high school musical <3

Linda ♥

Did you know this Picture
It was in a Restaurant.
We met us the first Time.
We look so stupid.
Today it was very cool.
Silly Pictures form us...
We have so much Fun
Or at the night in the Bed : Omg a man comes to kill me
he sits' udner my bed. First he take my foot and then
he kiss me and then he kill me'
It was so funny. And we was scared for nothing :]
i Like you so much
Je t'adore

14.11.07 19:51

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nono (14.11.07 21:36)
hey my honneybunny xD

nono (14.11.07 21:36)
your a gold girl

nono (14.11.07 21:37)
you are beautiful

nono (14.11.07 21:38)
the pict is funny

nono (14.11.07 21:38)
mh coca-cola is good

nono (14.11.07 21:39)
i write a lot of coments

nono (14.11.07 21:40)
yea i happy of meet you

nono (14.11.07 21:41)
xD me crazzy ? a little !

nono (14.11.07 21:42)
jtador beaucoup !

Katiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (14.11.07 21:43)
We are Crazy :D
Honeybunnys' 4 ever :D

nono (14.11.07 21:43)
10coment yea !

Katiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (14.11.07 21:45)
Now 12 :DDDD
And 10 only from you xD

nono (15.11.07 18:37)
xD my honey bunny ! stop stop stop stop stop stop ! xDDD i love cOcacOla !

nono (15.11.07 18:39)
i love you ! my honeybunny ! 4ever

nono (15.11.07 18:39)
you cry on me

nono (15.11.07 18:40)
we are crazy =D

nono (15.11.07 18:42)
its vry funny with you !

nono (15.11.07 18:44)
youre very beautiful and you are a vry vry beautiful eyes!

nono (15.11.07 18:46)
so i wait you ! in msn

nono (15.11.07 18:49)
i happy you kiss me ( no a kiss of love ! ) xDDD

nono (15.11.07 18:51)
yea 20 com

nono (15.11.07 18:54)
=D vrooom the pen is a fly xDDDDDD ! stop you buy a new ring !

Katiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (15.11.07 20:03)
0hh you are Crazy :D

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